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We love entrepreneur and we know every startup needs different bits of help at different points in their lifecycle so we've developed simple packages for all the stages.

From prototype to scaling your operation our grow as you go model is perfect for young and established startup. With equity packages, your operational cost stays close to the metal and you benefit from truly engaged collaborators.


For innovators

We're your technical co-founder.

You have an idea and you want to build it to see if it sticks? Our team can get you off the ground with the services that you need to design an MVP and get that valuable market feedback.

You need

  • Design Sprint
  • UX & Customer Research
  • Product Implementation Strategy
  • UI Design & Graphics
  • Prototyping
  • Build an MVP
  • Customer Feedback


For young startups

If you need to continuously improve your product in response to the market demand our managed team are ideal; We'll set you up with your state of the art infrastructure and software engineering processes and you'll benefit from world-class agile delivery and operation management.

You be able to focus your energy on your business drivers.


  • Product management
  • Agile delivery
  • Cloud architecture and engineering


  • Managed Infrastructure
  • Managed operation


For Accelerating startups

As you scale you'll outgrow the benefits of managed services; we'll help you transition to our BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) model so that your costs stay optimized.

  • Operation Management
  • Recruitement
  • Team building

Learn about Build, Operate Transfer

Minimum Viable Product?

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. The goal of an MVP is not to be the finished, polished article, but rather a solid product with a smaller feature set which allows you to demonstrate the concept to users and get feedback.

This feedback is invaluable in continuing to iterate the design process to eventually arrive at a product which delights the user and gains traction.

How does it work

Developing a Minimum Viable Product is an iterative process involving the following:


What's your idea, and how does it translate into a working MVP?


Your MVP is about developing a simplified version of your full product without the need to invest the time and money upfront in order to validate your business model

User Experience and User Interface

Making the product simple and intuitive to use, without undermining the intent of the product

Data Collection

Collecting a variety of data from users to understand their interpretation of how they use the product) - Analyze (Identify trends with users. What areas of your product resonate the most with users?


A successful MVP will generate a lot of new ideas to explore. We'll help you review and improve on your idea.

0 to MVP

The only way to get feedback is to launch something.

Work with our team of UX designers and engineers to build your MVP in record time.

Your MVP is about developing a simplified version of your full product without investing too much time or money in order to validate your business model

1 - Define

Our UX experts and technologists will work with you to refine your project and plan the Minimum Viable Product.

2 - Test

Our engineering team will build the prototype.

3 - Revise

We'll work with you to update the product based on the market feedback.

What it costs

The typical Zero-to-MVP project will cost between $5,000 and $20,000 - depending on complexity and platform.

How long it takes

MVP usually take between a week and three months; more than that and you might get bogged down by details.

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